February 6, 2013

Videos: Moon B - Entropic Feelings

That's right, there are two videos in this post, to symbolize my unique and deep love for Atlanta, GA bedroom producer Moon B. I just like his music more than most. His self-released cassette (reissued on 12" by PPU) was my favorite thing from 2012, and the above cuts appear on a 12" EP and limited cassette from new UK label Going Good. The rhythms of Entropic Feelings are in more of a house sphere than his debut, but B's signature melodic sense and analog textures are as present as ever. His songs (they're actual songs with memorable parts and not mere gear fetishizing) have enough sonic-depth to appeal to a wide range of music listeners - modern-funk, techno, noise, the always-useful-term experimental. My one rub: start naming your songs, brother. All in all, I'm looking forward to whatever comes next from Moon B, as well as the Going Good horizon; they really caught my attention with this debut and label co-founder Brian Not Brian recently wet my whistle with things to come. Stay tuned. Those interested in purchasing this release are encouraged to e-mail goinggoodrecords@gmail.com.

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