March 11, 2013

Decoder Presents: Print Delays & A Much Beloved Relaunch

See that shiny reflection? Hypnotically glossy, right? Well, although we've had proofs of the magazine for a little while now, attempting to explore a few other options with our printer was a more challenging preposition than we anticipated. I can say with certainty our printer has dealt with us in good faith, but ultimately our take away is that next time we'll need to start the boll rolling with them differently. The incidental lesson is that in the future we now know how easy some of those arrangements will be to make and we're excited to say... funding and publishing a magazine is definitely still doable, even in West Virginia. The spirit of hugs and an open internet lives in everyone that facilitated our little self-published weirdo-arts magazine in the mountains and beyond, wherever a Decoder writer's fingers meet keyboard.

Having said that, the magazine will ship before the end of the month and right now web development is on course for a re-launched Decoder website to land around the same time those do. We're finalizing some of our web graphics right now, but the skeleton of the website is in place and  content is already spontaneously migrating; including plenty of the old Foxy Digitalis prose and as much from our own backlog as we can manage. To insure clarity up until then, we'll be shuttering the blogspot here and I suppose this has the potential to be the last post we'll get to push through that system, as the new site runs on Wordpress.
Update: Read our latest public kickstarter update here. Unfortunately, our final layout was not properly marked in our printer's workflow and our first print run has come to us still containing the handful of errors we laboriously corrected earlier this year. Until we hear again from them directly (24 hours since our first delicately irate emails sprang forth) we can only assume what's at fault here, but we're still confident of a resolution.
Keep in touch with us on Facebook and more importantly keep emailing! We're still connecting demos with writers even in the interim - the advantage of the new site's bread and butter being full length reviews. You may not know all the former Foxy Digitalis writers yet, but they're an amazing group.

In the interim, thanks for all the support! If it wasn't clear already, the "magazine" is really a lot more like a book, so hopefully the wait still seems justified. It will not happen again ;)

Dwight P., Decoder, & Co.

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