March 1, 2013

Gamelan to the Love God

Brooklyn duo Trabajo got in touch to show us their new EP Gamelan to the Love God just as I was covering Digitalis' reissue of Leven Signs' classic 1985, very Gamelan-influenced album Hemp is Here; though members Yuchen Lin and TJ Richards have approached their music differently, making an oddly more accessable sample based refraction of Indonesian Gamelan music in the electronic cosmopolitanism afoot in parts of the US. It'd also probably be pretty safe to say that Peter Karkut and Maggi Turner didn't have Geinoh Yamashirogumi's Gamelan-influenced soundtrack for Akira in mind when they made Hemp is Here, but the differences don't end there; as much as the atmosphere of Hemp is Here takes from the culture, Trabajo less willfully avoids immersion in their concept and the anxiety of artifice. It pegs itself like the Javanese love God it honors. One of his names (in Telegu) is Manmadhudu, a nice apparent phonetic match for "man made hoo-doo", which makes the band's Gamelan missive to that particular divinity all the more appropriate.

Download Gamelan to the Love God from Trabajo's bandcamp page.

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